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Dear student,

You are at a very crucial stage of your life; whatever decision you take now will shape your future. The Allahabad College of Engineering & Management appreciates your need to take an informed decision, and has been designed, since its very inception, to provide students with a professional and multicultural environment for studying Diploma Engineering.

Today, more than ever before, there are abundant opportunities for Diploma Engineers. The career of a Diploma Engineer student can be excellent only if the student receives exceptional education and excellent exposure even before embarking on a professional career. The ACEM provides the perfect balance between education and exposure, and prepares its students well for limitless opportunities as professionals.
You will find out that the ACEM provides a stimulating atmosphere for studying and prepares you for a rewarding career. We ensure your success, because your success is our success.

I welcome you to experience professional education of the highest standards.
Founder & Director